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My Notebooks In Use

Right now, I have five notebooks important enough to not be stored, important enough to spend time out on a table instead of in the box under my bed with all the not-currently-in-use notebooks. Reviews of all will be coming. When I’m in school, as I will be again in January, I obviously use more, but not in school, just five. These are the five:

1. Quotes. I don’t know if this really counts as currently in use, because all the pages have something on them, but I keep it out. Each page has one quote that is in some way meaningful to me or inspiring or something. I keep it out in case I need to find one, for whatever reason. It’s a Paperblanks book with a magnetic clasp called “Soul & Tears Mini” from Laurel Burch’s Spirit of Womankind collection.

2. Thoughts/quotes. This is the blank pocket Moleskine, and I use it to write down quotes, thoughts, poems–anything I want to remember, I guess, that fits on less than one of these pages. Brief ideas that I might come back to later, mine or someone else’s. Mostly someone else’s. Sometimes in my head I think of these as just “quotable” things. It’s new, since the old quotes notebook (see above) was filled, and I’m following a slightly different model here. I also write more than one item per page.

3. Bucket list. Rather than just a list of things I’ll do someday, I use a notebook. I write down one item per page, with the date I added it, and when an item is completed, I write in that date and an explanation how it was completed. This is a wire-bound notebook with a flower theme–they’re on the front, and printed as a pattern on the paper. It’s certainly not my style, it was a gift, but I found a use for it . I like it, though–the paper’s really nice, no show-through at all with my Sharpie pens, but it also doesn’t feel too stiff, like the black journal I just reviewed. I couldn’t find this anywhere online, but I posted a picture taken with my computer’s webcam (I’m currently camera-less). Sorry for the bad picture. Let me know if you know where to find this online! The back says it’s from Havoc Publishing (which I couldn’t find online), copyright 2003. I’ve copied one of my favorite Mark Twain quotes into the front: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

4. Focused journal. This is a 13x21cm Moleskine with squared paper. I guess I need to explain this concept a little, though. It’s a journal, yes, but I think of it more as a paper blog: I write only entries with a topic and a focus. The date and topic are written above the entry. it has to be at least one full page.  I actually keep a list of possible topics on loose paper in the back pocket. Topics include letter writing, blank notebooks, why I love photography, specific events in my life, observations of specific places I’ve been, cultural differences between the two places I live (the US and Germany), etc.

5. Rambling journal. I’m way less concerned with what I put in here; it can be random stream-of-consciousness, and I don’t worry about it. This one isn’t so much keepsake as ranting and self-therapy. This is a bound journal with a picture on it that’s apparently a fifteenth-century piece called ‘Persian Garden.’ It’s lined inside, and published by Galison. I found a couple of listings for it, all listing it as unavailable at this time, as it was published in 2001, but no pictures, so, again, you’ll have to make do with my webcam picture! This, for me, takes the pressure off of journaling to just write significant things–separating the significant from the insignificant.

What about you? How do you use your notebooks?