Sharpie Pen (original) Review

For most of my writing, I use Sharpie pens, the original kind, black ink, and I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with them. My writing is always smooth, and doesn’t smear. I write in cursive, and my handwriting is small (to give you an idea, capitol letters don’t touch the top of the line when I write on Moleskine-ruled squared paper), which makes this fine point really nice–with wider points, my letters run together and become rather illegible.

In Moleskine notebooks, which I’ll use as a standard since most pen and paper aficionados are familiar with them, the ink shows through to the other side of the page, but almost never bleeds through to the next page. The show-through could be written over on the backside of the page, for those less picky than I, but when using these with Moleskines, I only write on one side of the paper.

My biggest problem with these pens is the grip, or lack thereof. There’s a hard edge that my finger hits if it gets too close to the end of the pen. Depending on how you hold a pen, if your hand lands higher up, you might not experience any difficulties (my mother has no problem writing with these pens), but I often hold a pen very close to the point, and it can be uncomfortable to re-adjust my grip whenever the edge digs into my finger. Sharpie has addressed these problems with two of its newer products, the Sharpie Pen Retractable, and Sharpie Pen Grip. I have yet to get the chance to try those, but I think I’d really like them. I’d also like to try Sharpie pens in different color inks, but, again, haven’t yet had the chance.

Sharpie pens of all kinds are available anywhere you buy office supplies.


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